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6/2004 - launched

5/2001 - German launched

  about us
 is the brainchild of Torsten. With the help of Concha, Jussi, Peter, Sandra, and the patience of Sabine, several nodding dogs travelled to distant places. Inspired by the Austrian photographer Willy Puchner, Torsten wanted to take holiday pictures without having to pose himself in many major and minor tourist places. The project starten in 2001 with the German version of this website called Wackeldackel (Shaking Dachshund) is the very unique german word for bobbing head dogs.

  the picture galleries

Nodding dogs have discovered most continents already. They met many other animals, they saw tourist faboulous places and romantic sunsets. Let yourself surprise.

Click here for the (first) gallery of  horizontal pictures.
And here for the second gallery with vertical photos.

From the sitemap you will have an overview where the nodding dogs have already been and what they've seen.

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