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7/2004. - We are  Yahoo Pick, one week after submitting to the Yahoo directory!

6/2004 - launched

5/2001 - German launched

  introduction shows pictures of nodding dogs discovering the planet. These cute cult animals are also called bobbing head dogs. You know, most of their life they spend nodding with their head in the rear of a car. But an ever increasing group of people is taking their dogs on their trips.  See the results. Read the next  paragraph.
If you travel to Europe, just download a free Audioguide from, currently available for six cities.

  the picture galleries

Nodding dogs have discovered most continents already. They met many other animals, they saw tourist faboulous places and romantic sunsets. Let yourself surprise.

Click here for the (first) gallery of  horizontal pictures.
And here for the second gallery with vertical photos.

From the sitemap you will have an overview where the nodding dogs have already been and what they've seen.

And, believe it or not: A  music video featuring nodding dogs available here (for broadband users).  Be the first  to see it before the music channels will show it to everyone.

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